LET'S do this.

Every author is different. so is every situation.

Our consultation meets you wherever you are in the editing process. For thirty minutes, we invite you to simply lean on us in any way that's helpful to you. We can talk in general about your editing needs or dive right into one of your stories and chat through specific challenges or goals.

If you're new to publishing, we can  help you figure out what kind of editors are out there and what to expect from our process, and from a great author/editor relationship. If you've been doing this forever, we can help you understand what makes us different from other editors you may have worked with.

We won't oversell you.

We edit because we love stories and because we love the process of working with authors. However, we know that not every author/editor match is a good fit. Our consultation is an opportunity for both of us to get to know one another and figure out compatibility. If a single conversation isn't enough, we offer sample edits that let authors keep exploring fit without a huge investment.

IT's easy.

We'll schedule a 30-minute call. If you want to send us notes on your project or give us a look at a few pages, feel free to send them ahead of time. If you're looking for spot advice and have a lot of questions, we'd be happy to record the call (only with your permission!) and send you a link to the audio so that you can remember what was discussed. 



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